In 2018 we upgraded the existing path to a typical upland aggregate path, using local borrow pits for surfacing and local stone for construction. Three years earlier in 2015 we constructed an upland footpath using on site materials for a mixture of h&s and pitched path.

And in 2011 we constructed an upland footpath on Sgurr Mhor using on site materials and airlifted stone. A sensitive re-vegetation was carried out here. The vegetation in the direct vicinity of the path was sedge grass but the surrounding veg type was moss. This meant, suitable veg for transplanting was very difficult to locate. For the first part of the contract we lived in tents at 3,100ft. After the tents were blown away we completed the job with a walk in over 2.5 hours.

This BBC “Reporting Scotland” video shows some aspects of our time there: