Together we all truly love our jobs and are happy to take on constant new challenges.

The team is experienced and highly skilled in all aspects of footpath work, including SVQ level 2 qualifications. We have six experienced chainsaw operatives with qualifications in basic, large trees, wind blow and rope access. Most of the team are trained and qualified in the use of pesticides including PA1,6 and F. Added to these skills, are stonework, woodwork, hard and soft landscaping, all aspects of concrete work, paving, brick and block work, plastering, house renovation, gardening, all aspects of fencing and finally, path surveying.

Scott Murdoch — Director & Founder

Team member since | 2004

"The hills, glens and woods of Scotland have always been a home to me. To work there is an absolute honour knowing all our endeavours will preserve these beautiful landscapes. I studied environmental geography at university but only truly learnt about Scotland's environment when I worked my hands in her soil. I am blessed to do this work with a team I consider a family. Together we all truly love our jobs and are happy to take on constant new challenges."

Alec McMullan

Team member since | 2008

"I started working with AFF as a chance of luck, but over the past 11 years I've fallen in love with the hills and mountains.  Working on the hill/mountains, preventing erosion makes me feel fantastic, and knowing that I give the hills/mountains a little something back. AFF has great working atmosphere and we are like a family unit, can't beat it!"

Bernie Williamson

Team member since | 2012

"I have worked on numerous projects over the years - including dealing with invasive species, particularly Rhododendron via spraying, cutting and burning. No matter whether old or new growth we have a system to deal with it. It is a great feeling to clear an area and watch it recover, now flooded with light, knowing native species and wildlife will flourish thanks to our work. I have also worked building paths with AFF and take immense pride in being part of a team turning an eroded gulley into a pitch perfect walkway looking natural and as if it has always been there."

Elliot Morrison

Team member since | 2017

"Since starting with Arran Footpaths & Forestry I have worked at many locations across Scotland, gained knowledge and skills as well as training in things such as path work, landscaping, chainsaw certification and other forestry works."

Louise Logan

Team member since | 2018

"Joining the team in summer 2018 it has been an absolute pleasure having the opportunity to see the amazing locations and work they do, and be able to help Scott, and his team behind the scenes with everything from paperwork to waterproofs! A truly inspiring bunch, im looking forward to many more years of being involved with AFF."

Scott Dwyer

Team member since | 2014

"I really like my job. I love the variety of jobs we do but most of all though, I really enjoy working with this group of guys, we are a really tight team."

Xabi Landaberra

Team member since | 2018

"I’ve always loved hill walking so having the opportunity to work building the paths people use to walk to the top is a really good feeling, I also like the physical aspect of the job."