Scott Murdoch — Director & Founder
Scott Murdoch — Director & Founder
Water Bar Construction & Finished Culvert
Water Bar Construction & Finished Culvert
Men at Work
Men at Work
Boardwalk through Woodland
Boardwalk through Woodland


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Arran Footpaths & Forestry is a growing company that has been involved in upland footpaths throughout Scotland for 19 years now. We have also developed expertise in many other aspects of forestry work, including tree planting, chainsaw work and spraying.

We have continually developed over the years and now work on lowland machine paths, woodland paths, boardwalks and all other types of footpaths.

The team consists of experienced footpath builders and trained, qualified forestry workers. We have worked together for a long time and subsequently we are a close team. We have travelled all over Scotland (see map) and would happily travel further afield together to build footpaths or take on a variety of forestry work.

If you would like to discuss a project or require a clear and honest quote, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sample Projects

Suilven (Sutherland)

In Spring 2017 ten path workers set out to repair the path to Suilven. Followed...
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Beinn Alligin (Torridon)

In 2018 we upgraded the existing path to a typical upland aggregate path, using local...
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Invasive Species Removal

Arran Footpaths and Forestry have been involved in invasive species removal since 2009. Over the...
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