Below you can find some examples of the work we have done over the years throughout Scotland. For three detailed project descriptions, please see the “Sample Projects” section on the homepage. If you would like more details of any of our previous work, please feel free to contact us .

Arran 2014 – 2019

Tree Planting, 90 ha of restocking and 50 ha of beating up. Chainsaw cutting and burning rhododendrons. Spraying rhododendrons and salmonberry.

Arran Coastal Way (Arran) 2014 – 2016

Scott Murdoch was Team Leader, Training Officer and Principal Designer for a variety of different path types. He was also involved in the design and responsible for the build of the Coastal Way start/finish monument.

Beinn Alligin (Torridon) 2011, 2015 & 2018

Upgraded existing path to a typical upland aggregate path. Used local borrow pits for surfacing and local stone for construction.

The construction of an upland footpath using on site materials for a mixture of h&s and pitched path.

Constructed an upland footpath on Sgurr Mhor using on site materials and airlifted stone. A sensitive re vegetation was carried out here. The vegetation in the direct vicinity of the path was sedge grass but the surrounding veg type was moss.  This meant, suitable veg for transplanting was very difficult to locate. For the first part of the contract we lived in tents at 3,100ft. After the tents were blown away we completed the job with a walk in over 2.5 hours.

Cir Mhor (Arran) 2010, 2014 & 2015

A 2.5 hour walk in to the summit of Cir Mhor. A mixture of aggregate and pitched path was constructed using limited on site materials.

The construction of an upland footpath using on site materials for a mixture of aggregate and pitched path.

500m of pitched path was built through steep gully on a remote hill. The stone was flown in a series of 3 airlifts. The team stayed in RAS for the first half of this contract and endured a long walk in for the second half.

Conic Hill (Loch Lomond) 2013

Sub-contracted to machine contractor to undertake a section of hand-built path within sensitive SSSI.  Pitched path was to be intricately evenly pitched, aggregate path had an exaggerated, large central camber.

Corrie Domhain (Cairngorms) 2012

Lived in RAS flown into the Shelter Stone at Loch A’an.  Built a mixture of h&s path and pitching up from Loch A’an basin onto the Cairngorm Plateau. There was no existing path. A mixture of on site materials and imported stone was used.

Corrie Lan (Arran) 2009 & 2016

Constructed 48 waterbars over a failed machine path along with the revetment of a failed ditch. Work included massive off path turfed ditches.

On a steep open slope we constructed an aggregate path that would wind up the slope whilst contain walkers on the way down. Massive off-path water bars were built to discharge water from 20m gully. These were 25-30m long and were extensively veged and landscaped to create vegetation islands.

Corrie Mhic Nobuil (Torridon) 2013

Upgraded existing path to a typical upland aggregate path.  Used local borrow pits for surfacing and local stone for construction.

Corrie Raibert (Cairngorms) 2011

A typical aggregate path with water bars, turfed side drains and cross drains was constructed in the heart of the Cairngorm Plateau.

Driesh (Cairngorms) 2018

Constructed a full build 500m path, with cross drains, water bars, and pitching using only on site materials.

Druim Hainn (Skye) 2015 – 2018

Construction of an aggregate path using on site materials. The path is over bog in sections and causeways are needed. The walk in to the path is 2 hours. Flew in 140 tonne of locally bagged stone to define and upgrade path through large erosion scar on a steep open slope. Path was mainly pitched with sections of aggregate too. The whole scar was extensively landscaped.

Fionne Choire (Arran) 2004 – 2006

High build revetment and pitching up steep headwall. Stone was winched from nearby scree slope onto the unstable, mobile path. Large dry stone wall revetment was needed to stabilise the area before the block pitching was built.

Glen Nevis (Lochaber) 2012

Improved on the drainage of the existing path by extending and building new ditches and cross drains.  Path was built over bedrock cliff.

Goatfell (Arran) 2008 & 2018

2018 Widened existing pitched path to 2m to withstand the increased flow of walkers and prevent braids. 2008 Removed cobble/pony pitched path to create platformed aggregate path. Created reveted path edges to hold new aggregate path and comprehensively blocked extensive braiding.

Grey Mares Tail

Constructed a stone pitched path using on site materials. Stone was scarce and had to be transported by hand from a great distance.

Handa (Sutherland) 2013

We lived in a bothy on an uninhabited island in The Minch for the winter of 2013 constructing a coastal/upland footpath to SRDP standards.  Used stone flown in from local beach and aggregate flown in from local quarry.

Liatach (Torridon) 2014

The construction of an upland footpath using on site materials for a mixture of aggregate and pitched path.

Newton Stewart 2014, 2016, 2017 – 2019

2017 - 2019
Chainsaw cutting invasive Sitka spruce.

2014 & 2016
Spraying rhododendrons and Salmonberry.

Stron Riach (Cairngorms) 2017

Resurfaced 400m of aggregate path using borrow pits on an open hillside in very remote location. Constructed anchor bars and water bars to protect surfacing. Built and extended large ditches to protect the path. 

Suilven (Sutherland) 2017 – 2018

Pitch and revet an extremely steep section of busy path using on-site materials. Rock had to be moved very carefully over the steep slopes using a winch.

Three Beinns (Arran) 2004-2006, 2011 & 2014

A mixture of pitched path through erosion gullies, which were extensively landscaped. Along with a large number of remedial waterbars.

During the construction of this upland footpath, definition, re-veging at altitude and pitching over bedrock slabs were the key factors of this contract.

Beinn Nuis - Pre-emptive construction of water bars, massive turfed side drains and large water bars in 10m eroded gully. Construction of 200m of aggregate path on open hillside.  Extensive vegingof eroded gully, using undercutting of banks and creation of vegetation islands.